Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cake flavors

Since fondant is universally known as fairly- I don't know "unpalatable"*, I generously frost the cake with icing first and also make sure all the layers are well frosted or even better, I make an excellent chocolate mousse.

*I have also found a more modern recipe that incorporates marshmallows instead of the traditional method that involves glycerin that makes my fondant much better tasting (if you do happen to want to eat it).

I will make any flavor you ask for, but here are some of my specialties:

Chocolate cake laced with orange, layered with rich chocolate mousse
Carrot chocolate chip with cream cheese icing
White cake with raspberry and custard
Chocolate with Nutella fudge icing (like Nutella or hazelnut? This is fantastic!)
Banana cake with cream cheese icing (think banana bread-- but fluffier-- this recipe goes back a few generations in my family)

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